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Over 40 Years of Parking Lot Construction Experience

When a parking lot is properly designed and constructed, the lot should be attractive to the eye, safe, and efficient. This is important because the parking lot (consciously and subconsciously) may be the first impression someone has when entering a complex for the first time. The parking lot contributes to the overall feel and atmosphere a potential customer has when visiting your location.

Byrne & Jones Construction has years of parking lot construction experience making the process of installing your new parking lot with us easier than ever. Our expertise allows the job to be done in the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective way possible.

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Parking Lot Construction Costs

Customers often ask, “How much does a parking lot cost“. Sadly, there is no universal way to estimate this process. Each geographical market differentiates itself in price per square foot. This can range anywhere between $20 to $35 per square yard. Some factors that may highly impact the price of constructing a new lot include:

– Slope and structure
– Land Utilization Costs
– Drainage below/around the lot
– Architectural Enhacements

Save on Parking Lot Construction Costs

A major concern when deciding to construct a new parking lot or maintaining the current lot is the total cost of the project. Some ways the cost can be minimized are by:

– Estimating the costs from the outset
– Identifying risks and uncertainties early
– Using recycled materials such as recycled steel and cement composites
– Sourcing quality workmanship and materials





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